A downloadable game

This is a game created at the Peace Game Jam October 2018 by:
Luca Lombardo 
Nik Douglas 
Laura Mazgaj
Sylvia Exner
Johannes Spicker
Dave Dragomirovic (@davemakesgames)

Special thanks to:
Mascha Camino (@MaschaCamino )
Johanna Janiszewski (@Johanna_Jacob)
Jacob Lefton

The goal was to create a non-violent game that focuses on caring for others.

The player is a nurse, caring for people in end of life care. It is not about saving the patients, but making their final days as peaceful as possible. With your time being a limited resource you cannot make everyone equally satisfied. It is up to you to decide who deserves your care more. By choosing more caring and time consuming actions you might impact the patients wellbeing more and get to know them a little better.

The project is in a rough prototype stage and will be updated as time passes.

We hope you enjoy this concept. Feel free to leave us feedback.

To quit the game press the Escape Key. 

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and launch the .exe like any other Unity Project. The structure within the folder is vital to run the game.


finaldays_prototype.zip 19 MB


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Hello team.
I played your game and I like the concept behind it.

I fuon out only a little bug: after first shift, I could not interact with Viktorya. I thought she was dead, but than, next shift she was still there, and I still could do nothing to her.

Keep on the good work!