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Part of the GMTK Game Jam 2019 - Theme: Only one.

When Miri and I brainstormed about the theme - one thing fairly quickly stuck with us: The fact that there is only one planet. There is no planet B.

In this game you need to get your green activists to spread the word, by clicking and them and sending them to other people. When they stand long enough next to them, they will convert red people (people unaware of climate change) to green people, and green people (supporters of the planet) to activists.

Once there are enough greeenies around the evil power plants you are able to change them into beautiful renewable energy plants by clicking on them!

You might notice a thermometer going up! That means the planet is getting hotter and hotter because of all the CO². If you cannot keep the temperature low enough, the water levels will rise and the planet with all its beauty will drown. :(

On a personal note: If we do not act now, this could be one of the last games we ever make. We need to go out there, protest, plant trees and stop the destruction of our planet.

Also on a personal note: This game is very wonky! :P And no sounds, sorry!


Miriam Jud
Dave Dragomirovic


only_one_planet.zip 20 MB

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